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Compatibility with SPX - cstotland - 06-02-18 02:47 PM

I'm looking to replace our 6 year old e7d as it is getting rather erratic. The problem I'm having is with compatibility with our SPX autopilot. The Es75 series lists compatibility with the Evolution pilot, but no mention of SPX. Will the Es75 drive an SPX? Will any other Raymarine chartplotters have this capability? Do any Axioms drive autopilots?

RE: Compatibility with SPX - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-03-18 10:55 PM

Hello cstotland,

eS and Axiom can both send waypoint/navigation data to Raymarine pilot of the last 20 years or so, through either SeatalkNG directly or through Seatalk1 if connected via one of our Seatalk1-SeatalkNG convertors (part number E22158.) eS displays run the same Lighthouse 2 software as an e7 and offer exactly the same interfacing.

Axiom displays offer a deeper level of pilot control when you have an Evolution pilot (full pilot control, with or without a dedicated pilot display) which isn't possible with an SPX, but SPX will steer fine to waypoint data from either eS or Axiom. You engage Track mode from the pilot display as normal.