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[DG] eS75 dual MicroSD chart cards - mwalsh7 - 06-12-18 08:01 AM

Hi, I have been running my MFD on the Ireland/UK/Holland charts for the past few moths without issue.
I am running on Navionics charts.
Last weekend I bought the Central and western euRopE charts and inserted the second Micro SD and the MFD immediately picked it up and dropped UK/ireland chart. I could only get back the UK/ireland charts by swapping around the Micro SD cards. When I went to setting to select chart it was only giving me option of one Navionics charts when I think its here I should have the option to swap?

RE: [DG] eS75 dual MicroSD chart cards - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-15-18 12:03 PM

Hi mwalsh7
Thank you for your enquiry.

Sometimes this happens when the charts have overlapping areas and the MFD defaults to the most recent chart card when you are in the overlapping area, further explanation here

Alternatively this may be caused by the reference that Navionics ascribe to the charts when they are inserted into the same MFD.

I will PM you a test for this.