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[CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - Mike sandor - 06-18-18 10:46 AM

I reciently completed the install of a Axiom 9 and Quantum 2 radar. The final step was to install a Gateway module to transfer data from the Mercruiser Vessel view to the Axiom unit. Most of the data transfers correctly other than the duel fuel tanks. In discussions with Mercruiser, they stated that if the data is being displayed correctly on the Vessel View unit, it must be that the Axiom unit is not set up properly for two fuel tanks. Have have checked that the Axium is set for two fuel tanks but still only recieves data for one. Mercruiser suggested that PGN is not configured in the Axiom. Question is, where and how do I access the file to edit?

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-19-18 02:14 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

The reported issue is typically the result of incorrect Instance IDs being transmitted within the PGNs associated with fluid levels. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. In this case, it would be recommended that a NMEA 2000 analyzer be interfaced to the backbone to inspect the Fluid Level PGNs (127505) being transmitted by the Mercruiser system to the NMEA 2000 backbone. I suspect that you will find that they are not as identified within the referenced FAQ.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - jwasko - 06-19-18 05:29 PM

Hope you don't mind if I jump in, but I recently installed a Mercury Smartcraft N2000 gateway on my vessel and found similar behavior. All of the twin engine data displayed correctly on my e165's and i70s' but the fuel tank levels did not.

I discovered a note in the Gateway protocol description that I think explains the behavior. Per the note, the gateway transmits data for 2 tanks for each engine. Tank 1 for each engine is type fuel and tank 2 is not available. Instance numbers are 0 and 1 for starboard and 2 and 3 for port.

So, if you configure the mfd for 2 tanks, the starboard tank will be shown as port on the mfd (instance 0) and the starboard tank will not be found (instance 1).

If anyone knows how to change the gateway instance numbers, I would be most appreciative!

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-20-18 09:04 AM


Thanks for the additional input / experience on this subject.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - argus - 07-05-18 10:30 AM

When I set up my Fuel Tanks in Axiom; I have two fuel tanks (starboard and port tank; however to get Axiom to recognize the starboard tank, I had to select three (3) fuel tanks. Mercury fuel tanks are 0 - first port tank, 1 - second port tank, 2 - starboard tank, 3 - second starboard tank. Since I don't have a second port tank; when I selected 3 tanks Axiom displays the the fuel levels for the port tank, a middle tank with no data and the starboard tank.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-05-18 11:41 AM


RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - brian Fitz - 09-19-18 03:16 PM

I have an Axiom 7 installed on a 2004 SR340 Sundancer. I installed a Mercury Smartcraft Gateway, and connected it into a NMEA Backbone. The Axiom 7 is connected to that backbone.

I have both engine (8.1S Horizons) information to the Axiom. I have 2 fuel tanks, but only one will indicate quantity on the Axiom. I have read the "instances" for the tanks must be set to "0" for the port tank, and "1" for the starboard tank.

I spoke to Mercury Customer support and they are in the dark about this.

Any idea who I can talk to to make this work? Mercury has not been any help so far. Has anyone successfully accomplished this, and how did they do it?

Can the Mercury DDT change the messaging instances for the fuel tanks?

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 will not display both fuel tanks - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-19-18 04:15 PM


See Argus's comment above. In short it appears that the Mercury NMEA 2000 Gateway may be outputting an Instance ID other than 1 within the Fluid Level PGN (127505) transmitted for your starboard tank. While you can certainly verify with the aid of a NMEA 2000 analyzer which Instance ID is being transmitted, the simpler solution may be to configure your MFD's Boat Details to specify that the MFD has five tanks instead of two. After doing so, add a new page to the Dashboard containing half a dozen data cells and then configure the newly created page to display the following data items:
- Fuel->Tank 1
- Fuel->Tank 2
- Fuel->Tank 3
- Fuel->Tank 4
- Fuel->Tank 5

If your Mercury system is transmitting the Fluid Level PGN (127505) for the starboard tank in the same manner as did Argus's, then I suspect that you will find that Fuel->Tank 3 is populated with the data for your starboard tank. Any information concerning how to change the Instance IDs transmitted within 127505 PGNs by the Mercury NMEA 2000 Gateway, MercMonitor, etc. would need to come from Mercury Marine.