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[CA11] GPS information missing - Wings - 06-25-18 08:17 PM


C80, GPS 125, Seatalk1

C80 displays COG, SOG and position from GPS, but we receive system alarms for a long time for "no heading". Usually, this behavior stops after a few hours. Intermittently, the C80 receives heading information and the alarms stop, but they can continue for a day on occasion.

Is this a failing GPS? Since we're getting other GPS info, I assume that wiring is OK.

Ideas? Is the GPS worth repairing or should we get another?

RE: [CA11] GPS information missing - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-27-18 09:22 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wings,

I have seen the equipment which you have listed. Does the system also feature any of the following:
- radar transducer
- autopilot
- AIS receiver/transceiver
- any other marine electronics products or computers running a navigational application?

Which version of C-Series Classic MFD software is presently installed within you MFD?