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[CA11] Replacing ST60's - ToddL214 - 06-26-18 08:46 AM

I'm replacing my ~2000 era ST60 instruments, (Wind, Depth & Speed), with an i50 Tridata and i60 Wind this weekend.

My plan is to use the existing tranducer, paddle wheel and mast mounted instruments, connect the i50 Tridata and i60 Wind using the spur cable and blanks provided and insert the new instruments into the pod at my helm. As I read through the instructions this morning I realized I've not made a provision for the power connection to the new instruments.

In addition to the sensor connections, I assume for my simple system set up it requires that one instrument, (i50 Tridata), will need a Seatalkng connection providing power and a second Seatalkng spur cable connected to the second instrument, (i60 Wind). The i60 Wind will have the Seatalkng spur from the i50 Tridata and a blanking plug installed.

It would seem I could cut and splice the extra spur cable provided with my new instruments to make my power connection, (in place of the "classic" Seatalk connector spliced in to provide power to my ST60 instruments). Can you point me to instructions on the wiring of such a splice, (ie wire color for -, + and gnd within the SeaTalkng spur cable and what else I'll encounter in the bundle)?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and pointing me to any resources I've overlooked if it's the case.

Todd L.

RE: [CA11] Replacing ST60's - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-29-18 11:28 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Todd,

An A06049 SeaTalkng Power Cable would typically be recommended for this purpose. That said, it is indeed technically possible to splice the power leads of the extra SeaTalkng Spur Cable to the currently installed SeaTalk cable which is currently powering the ST60 instruments. To perform the splice, simply pair the SeaTalkng Spur cable's red lead with the SeaTalk Cable's power (red) lead and pair the SeaTalkng Spur Cable's ground (black) lead with the SeaTalk Cable's shield lead.

RE: [CA11] Replacing ST60's - ToddL214 - 06-30-18 10:35 AM

Thank you.

RE: [CA11] Replacing ST60's - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-02-18 08:01 AM

You're welcome.