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Fish Finder vs ST60 tridata - speakrdude - 04-14-16 04:51 AM

I sent my defunct ST60 tridata in for repair and I was expecting, it is around $225.00 to replace display.
My question is, Does Raymarine offer a depth graph/fish finder type display that will plug into my sea talk network, using my existing transducer?
The lady at Raymarine suggested I go with a newer I60 to replace the old one, if I didn't want to repair. (however, I believe she meant the I50 tridata, correct?)
Jim Crews

RE: Fish Finder vs ST60 tridata - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-14-16 08:10 AM


Raymarine does not offer a fishfinding/bottom plotting product. Additionally, it is not possible to interface an instrument depth transducer to a fishfinding product and expect that it will then be able to perform as is would with a compatible fishfinder transducer. The current replacement for an ST60 Tridata is a i50 Tridata.