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[CA11] Raymarine Dragonfly 5-Pro Wiring Help - Bluegill11 - 06-28-18 03:19 PM

I have a RM Dragonfly 5-Pro I purchased form an auction house that didn't come with a power cable. I'm trying to connect some wires to the pins on the back to test and see if it powers on, but not 100% sure about which two pins are pos. and neg. I've attached a photo which supposedly shows the diagram but it's a bit confusing to me (shows #6 and #4 as being red and #5 & #7 for black).

Can anyone shed some light on which of the 2 are pos./neg.? Thank you in advance.

RE: [CA11] Raymarine Dragonfly 5-Pro Wiring Help - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-28-18 03:51 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bluegill11,

When the Dragonfly Pro display is oriented in its upright position, it's power pins will be the two lower most pins within the display's power/transducer socket. The lower right pin will be connected to +12VDC and the lower left pin will be connected -12VDC.