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C127 w/ CP370 or 470 - MAK1377 - 04-15-16 01:43 PM

I recently sold all of my Raymarine electronics (MFD, AP, DSM, & Radar) and upgraded to a C127 (and other Raymarine replacement products). I fish the Great Lakes. I currently utilize a 600W P66 Transducer, but am considering a CP370 or CP470 with upgraded transducer. I typically do not fish deeper than 200-250 feet and spend most of my time in water less than 150 feet but I do often target fish on the bottom of the lake (Lake Trout) with downriggers. I am very interested in having the ability to see as much detail as I can for fish, baitfish, thermoclines, and bottom as is practical. Acknowledging that I will need to upgrade my transducer, which unit, CP370 or CP470 might be more practical for the type and depth of fishing that I do? Do I need a CP470 if I only fish less then 250 feet to see the same level of detail as I would with a CP370? Is the CP470 really only targeted towards fishing significantly deeper water?

RE: C127 w/ CP370 or 470 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-18-16 09:58 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum MAK1377,

The imaging produced by the internal ClearPulse sounder circuitry of an ax7/cx7/e7D/ex7/eSx7 MFD and a CP370 would be virtually identical. A CP370 would not typically be recommended unless operating in water deeper than you have specified. If seeking better imaging, you may want to consider installing a CP370 compatible 1kW High/UltraHigh Performance Transducer and with an E66066 transducer adapter to mate it to the c127 MFD's transducer socket. Alternatively, a CP470 w/compatible high frequency CHIRP transducer may provide better imaging within the depths specified. You may also want to consider installation of a CP100 w/compatible transducer.

RE: C127 w/ CP370 or 470 - MAK1377 - 04-24-16 09:08 AM

Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify one of your recommendations, if I install a 1000w high prtformance transducer, such as a B164 using Raymarine adapter cable E66066 and connect directly to the C127, I may see added performance and detail for the relatively shallow depths that I fish or would I need to also add a CP370 that uses 1000w to take advantage of the 1000w-capable B164 transducer?

RE: C127 w/ CP370 or 470 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-25-16 10:00 AM

A CP370 would not be needed for the depths of operation specified. It is indeed possible to adapt a 1kW transducer for use with the C127 MFD in the manner which you have suggested to achieve improved fishfinder imaging when operating in waters having the depth range which you have specified.