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Ray 52 NMEA out issue - Robinsonh2o - 07-06-18 09:47 AM

I am trying to interface my Ray 52 NMEA out to supply GPS speed to my yamaha command link system, but I can not get it to work. I have ensured I have the correct NMEA 0183 protocol selected in the Ray 52 and have ensured it is wired correctly using the NMEA out wires. I recently upgraded to the 3 (2x12", 1x9") Axioms MFDs and have networked everything together. Previously I had a E127 and E125, and I had no issue with using the Ray 52 to supply the GPS information while everything was networked.

I have tried all three networking protocols for the NMEA out (std speed, high speed, NMEA 2000) with no luck. I even replaced the wiring harness from the yamaha command link and that didn't work.

I disconnected the Ray 52 from the network to see if there was some sort of data corruption occurring through the network. The internal GPS seems to be working fine but it appears no data is being sent through the NMEA out wires.

Any ideas?

RE: Ray 52 NMEA out issue - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-08-18 10:02 PM

Hello Robinsonh2o,

I'm sorry to say that the Ray52 isn't designed to out its GPS data onto either SeatalkNG or NMEA0183. You'll need a dedicated navigational GPS receiver.


RE: Ray 52 NMEA out issue - Robinsonh2o - 07-10-18 07:57 AM

Thank you Tom, explains a lot!

RE: Ray 52 NMEA out issue - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-12-18 04:49 AM

You're welcome.