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[TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Robinsonh2o - 07-06-18 09:54 AM

I have my twin 2008 yamaha 350s interfaced to my AXIOM suite of displays though an ECI 100. I have run the engine identification procedures which have successfully identified the engines but I am currently having an issue with the AXIOM displays recognizing the starboard engine.

When I start the port engine first, the AXIOM display never recognizes the starboard engine when I start it. The displays do recognize the starboard engine when I start it first, but the interface is lost when I start the port engine.

I have attempted to run the engine identification procedures again but it does not solve the problem.

On my previous E127 and E125 displays I never had an issue.

Any ideas?

RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-08-18 08:14 PM

Hello Robinsonh2o,

Have there been any changes in the NMEA2000 cabling with the change of displays, or is the ECI the same as was in use with the old displays?
Are the Axioms running latest v3.5 software?

This sounds like an 'instancing' issue (every NMEA2000 engine message contains a numerical identifier field that associates that message with a particular engine position, starting from 0=Port and counting up from there), but if the system was working before then nothing should have changed as far as how the Axiom reads that data.

The real way to find out what's going on is to get a recording/log of NMEA2000 data in the system when each of the engines are running singly and then both together. Axiom can't (yet) view/record NMEA2000 data, but if you still have one of the old e-Series displays that you can temporarily plug back in, you can do so on that by going to Home > Setup > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Interfaces > Record File (set to whichever slot you can insert a blank MicroSD card into) and then ... Interfaces > STNG/N2K > Start Buffer > Record Buffer. Run for a couple of minutes with port, starboard and then both, then stop the recording and use your PC with a MicroSD card reader to copy the file off the card and post it back here. I'll then analyse the data to see what devices are transmitting what data with what Instance IDs and Source Addresses.
If you don't have the old displays still, perhaps there's a technical dealer near to you who can do so on your behalf?

If the network is all the same, the Axioms are on LH3.5 and the problem is in the displays rather than the network data then I would report this as a bug, but we'll need the NMEA2000 data in order to make sure.


RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Robinsonh2o - 07-10-18 08:05 AM

Thank you for the quick response Tom.

The network is all the same and the Axioms are on LH3.5. I have sold the e displays but will try and get a dealer to swing by to record the NMEA 2000 data.

Any idea when the data recording capability will become available for the Lighthouse 3 software?

Thanks again,


RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-16-18 02:10 AM

Hi Lynn,
Sorry, I wish I did. Unfortunately user features tend to jump the development queue ahead of diagnostic tools.

Here in Australia, because of the remoteness of some of our customers from the nearest technical dealer, we sometimes post out little low-cost black-box NMEA2000 dataloggers (plug it in, automatically log data, post them back to us again.) If you can't get anywhere with your local technical dealer, I'd suggest giving the Raymarine tech support office in NH a call and seeing whether they can offer something similar.


RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Robinsonh2o - 12-20-18 10:43 AM

Is the data recording available yet? I thought I saw something in the latest operating manual.

Thank you

RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-08-19 07:17 PM

Hello Robinsonh2o,

Yes, you can now record NMEA2000 data using a Lighthouse 3 display. This isn't yet documented in the handbook because it's not a menu option - you need to put a special 'trigger' file onto a MicroSD card in order to start the recording. Details at at this FAQ: http://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.php?tid=6849

If you can send a recording to me, I'll be happy to have a look.

Thanks for coming back to me.


RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Robinsonh2o - 07-23-19 10:35 AM

Since I continue to have issues with the ECI 100 interface I decided to add a Yamaha gateway instead with the new axiom software update that has the Yamaha engine application. The gateway I added is the 6Y9-8A2D0-20-00. Unfortunately certain data fields aren’t getting data from the engines like rpm, while others do populate. Ironically, the gateway has fixed the data issues I was having with my “dashboard” app. After reviewing the LH3 user manual, it states I should use the 6Y9-8A2D0-00-00 gateway... is there really a difference between the two or an I experiencing another issue?

Thanks in advance

RE: [TG11] AXIOM/ECI 100 issue - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-23-19 10:34 PM

Hello Robinsonh2o,

I don't have any information on the difference between those part numbers, but if you can send me a recording of the NMEA2000 traffic reaching the display whilst the engine is running (on the new LH3.10-Bermuda software, you can do this easily through Settings > Network > Diagnostics > NMEA Devices & Messages > Start Recording) I can see what data you are and are not receiving.