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DS500X - johnr4848@yahoo.com - 07-11-18 06:28 AM

I am having problems with my DS500X. It was purchased in 2006 with my new Sea Fox 257. I no longer get a depth or fish icons on the screen. The temperature and boat speed still work fine. I have looked at many Fish Finder replacements but have found none that compare with my DS500X. Any help on fixing the unit would be greatly welcomed. The only unit I see on line are from England. I do see compatible transducers on eBay?

RE: DS500X - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-18-18 02:33 AM

I can't comment on repairing the DS500X (we wouldn't attempt to do that here at Raymarine Australia, not economically viable) but the Axiom7DV or Axiom7RV can connect to the DS500X's transducer and will at least as good depth/fishfinder performance and a lot more besides. You'd use adaptor cable A80484 to an Axiom7DV or A80488 to an Axiom7RV.

If, on the other hand, it's your transducer that's at fault then we still supply compatible transducers: A102138 is the standard P58 600W transom-mount type that will work with DS500X

The question next is which is at fault in your system: there's no ready way to tell, you'd need likely need a dealer to do so for you with a test transducer, test display, transducer-tester or sounder simulator-tester to be sure.