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[CA11] Handset for Ray260 VHF Radio failed - wwalker56 - 07-11-18 08:01 AM

I have a 2 yr old Ray260 radio. After trial and error, the handset appears to have failed. I need a replacement, with cord. I understand the part numbers are R70251 and R70271. Can I have pictures? Also, in the original box the cord and handset were connected but now will be separate? If so, how do I connect--simply plug and play?

RE: [CA11] Handset for Ray260 VHF Radio failed - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-25-18 12:09 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wwalker56,

Please excuse this late response. The Ray260 FistMic alone and cable alone parts are not offered. The Ray260 FistMic was produced in two versions:
- R70251 - supplied with E70087 and E70088 (US versions of the Ray260)
- R70252 - supplied with E70089 and E70090 (EU versions of the Ray260)

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may purchase parts for Raymarine products.