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[DG] Vessel icon hard to see and map layer - spalmgre - 07-11-18 04:00 PM

All vessel icons in Lighthouse 3 are white or very light color. The icon is very hard to see on a map with wight background (sea).
I don't think that we need to fancy Icons just add arrow triangles in different color.

We sail on the Gulf of Finland where we have thousand Islands and rocks. So on a eight hour sailing we can typically tack 30-50 times.
To be able to do such sailing we need better maps than Navionics can offer. So we use raster maps that are produced an updated by the Finnish Transport Agency that is the official developer of transport systems in Finland. These maps are distributed to Axiom users by Solteknik.

I have attached on screen shot of such a map. And as can be seen the sea is wight so we really hope to get some other color icons to choose from.

As we are used to use paper maps we normally mark potential risks such as stones or shallow water. This is of great help when sailing upwind and doing tacking outside the marked route. So it wold be very nice to be able to draw on a layer such added information to the map. Maybe it can be done with way points but the graphics can not be to big as we need to see the information on the map like if the rock is above or below the water etc.

RE: [DG] Vessel icon hard to see and map layer - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-12-18 05:41 AM

Hi spalmgre

Thank you for your enquiry.

The vessel Icon can be changed for different boat types, it can also be changed to TEARDROP ICON which is black, would this be easier to see on the white background?

With regards to chart markings, there is a feature called community layer which can be used for this, or alternatively you can add specific marks to the chart.