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[TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 07-11-18 05:55 PM

I installed the Microsoft wireless display adapter that Raymarine referenced (Microsoftwireless display adapter Miracast V2). I set up the Axiom to connect at power on. I also selected "Connect on power-up" in the setup section. I connected to the device and it worked. The question that I have is there a power up sequence that must be followed? I.E. Do you power up the TV and adapter first and than the Axiom display or do you just the opposite Axiom first and next the TV/adapter?
I have installed the latest Axiom Pro software that is on the web today.
I have also noticed another problem today. With the system powered up everything was working fine. after about 2 hours sailing the TV lost the Axiom display. What was on the TV was the initial power on welcome screen showing that the system is ready to connect. The Axiom was still powered on. We waited for about 30 minutes and the system never reconnected.
Any thoughts


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-18 01:22 AM

Hello George,

There's no special power-up order, whatever order is convenient should work. In our experience here in Australia, intermittent connection/reconnection problems tend to turn out being one of the following:

- old software/firmware in the Miracast dongle (you update this from the Wireless Display app on a Windows device)
- connection password/PIN enabled on the dongle (again, set up via the WD app on a Windows device)
- a 'stale' connection in the software setup of one or other device that is blocking later connections

To address the last one, you might perhaps need to do a factory reset on the Axiom, after trying the first 2 options above. Because the wireless connection is an underlying operating-system level you'd probably need to do a power-on reset, which is not to be undertaken lightly (will wipe all waypoints/routes/tracks/user-setup/Digital Switching configuration from the display!) It's harmless and risk-free apart from the data loss, but I'm wary of publishing the power-on reset procedure here in case someone who is relying on a Digital Switching system to run their boat reads and follows the procedure without having read the warnings first, but you can find the power-on reset procedure in the Troubleshooting section near the back of the Lighthouse3 Advanced operation manual which you can download from http://www.raymarine.com.au/display/?id=10125.

In our experience with an identical Wireless Display adaptor, if you make sure the WD adaptor's up-to-date and has the PIN disabled, it works very reliably.


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 07-23-18 12:06 PM

Thanks Tom for the information. Iran the AD at home first on a Samsung TV and a Windows 10 desktop. The password was disabled and the WE was updated with the current software.
The Ad has no problem connect g it just will not stay connected for an extended time after 2 to 3 hours. It does not reconnect to the Axiom after it disconnected. I have to manually go to the Axiom and reconnect. Does the software in the !Axiom or in the WD check to see if it is connect and if not try and reconnect?

RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-25-18 10:38 PM

Quote:Does the software in the !Axiom or in the WD check to see if it is connect and if not try and reconnect?

It's possible that you don't have a very reliable ignal level between the Axiom and the WD adaptor, leading to the lost connection in the first place. Are you using the Axiom's Wifi for anything else, e.g. Quantum radar, RayRemote/RayControl/Rayview apps, Netflix/Spotify or other 3rd-party apps? If you have any of these running, or a poor signal level due to hull structure in the way or some RF interference, then WD is likely to lose out.
Once the connection is lost the system should try to reacquire but this is something that's managed/run by the Axiom's underlying Android operating system rather than software written/maintained directly by Raymarine. Using Wireless Display from my Android phone at home, my connection tends to be lost when we have background interference or lots of other devices using Wifi, and I tend to need to manually reconnect it. I'd have a look at the location of the components, trying to power other boat systems down to reduce the chances of a noisy device causing excessive interference, and make sure you're not using any other Wifi services on the Axiom.


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 07-27-18 09:28 PM

There are no other wifi devices on the boat. Today we noticed that with the boat at the dock and the only thing powered up was the TV and the two displays we could not reconnect to the TV once it was lost. We had to power down both displays and the TV. We turned the TV on and next turn on one display and it connected. There definitely seems to be a power up sequence. We let the system run again for a while at the dock and lost the TV display again. It would not reconnect after 30 minutes.

RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-29-18 09:47 PM

I'm sorry to say that there's limited diagnostics that can be done for this sort of wireless connection issue, but it might be a useful test to see what happens if you can put a Windows 10 laptop close to where the Axiom is and connect that to the WD adaptor: does that connection work reliably? Alternatively, if you put a smartphone or tablet running our Rayremote or Raycontrol apps close to where the WD adaptor is (e.g. behind the TV - perhaps the body of the TV itself is blocking some of the signal?) and connect that over Wifi to the Axiom in order to repeat what's on the Axiom's display, does that connection work reliably? These tests will help to eliminate potential causes such as RF interference from an unintentional radiator (faulty device), a hardware problem with the Axiom's Wifi, a faulty WD adaptor, wireless signal level between the Axiom's location and WD adaptor's location, etc..


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 07-30-18 07:35 AM

I will be going to the boat Tuesday. I will be testing the wifi signal level at the display to see what it is. I will also be moving the WD to see if that will improve the level. I will also be Bri g a laptop to look at the WD device to see if there is a setting that can be changed to reconnect.
Thanks for the help

RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 07-31-18 06:03 PM

Well Tom I did some additional testing today on the boat. I moved the WD out from behind the TV so that it is visible in front so there should be no interference. I took my cell phone with a wifi analyzer app installed and measured the signal level at the TV. I next moved up to the helm and did the same measurement and there was very little difference. I next connected my cell phone to the WD at the helm and it connected fine. I next took my Laptop with window10 and it connected fine. I next connected the Axiom pro at the helm to the WD. It did take long to connect compared to the two other devices mentioned above.

There is definitely a system power up sequence. You must turn on the TV/WD first and than turn on the Axiom Pro with the "connect on power on" selected in the Axiom Pro.
After everything connected I did another test by turning off the TV/WD and waited a few minutes. The Axiom Pro was stilled powered up. I next turned the TV /WD back on and waited 20 minutes. The Axiom never reconnected. I believe this will be an issue for people by having them follow this power up sequence.
Could you please have one of the engineers try this to confirm what I have seen. I just want to eliminate a possible defective Axiom Pro system.

I also update the Axiom Pro with the July release as well as updating the WD with the latest Microsoft display release before I did any testing today.


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-12-18 10:39 PM

Thanks for the extra info George, that's good. As you say, I'll report what you're seeing and see if I can get some insight into why your experience differs from ours.


RE: [TG11] Miracast with the Axiom Pro - george123 - 08-13-18 04:02 PM

Thanks Tom