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Accronyms i70 - ferssini - 04-17-16 03:40 PM

Would you be so kind to list a "dictionary of acronyms" used for the i70
(i.e.: TTG - CMG - CTS - Trolling - HDOP - etc.), also detailing which values are been calculated (used) on each case?

Specifically the ones mentioned in the i70 Operation Instructions 81330-1, pages 54-56

Otherwise please indicate me where can I find that info in this Forum or the Raymarine web site.

Thanks a lot!!!
Best Regards

RE: Accronyms i70 - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-19-16 09:27 AM

I have forwarded this information to our Documentation team to amend the documentation to include a glossary of acronyms. A lot of the acronyms on those pages are NMEA 0183 sentence acronyms, they can be found by just searching on the internet for their definitions and they are all usually found in the same site. Click here for a location I check on standard Maritime terms and abbreviations.

RE: Accronyms i70 - ferssini - 04-19-16 09:54 AM

Hi Steve!
Many thanks for your answer.
It would be interesting not only to have de glossary of acronyms, but some explanation on other pieces of information that the instrument is capable of showing, such as "locked heading", "tack heading", "trolling", "drift", "vmg windward" and so, and also to explain which sensors or other equipment are neccesary to get that data, besides de i70 display.
In my case, I have now bought the i70 plus the wind vane and depth/speed sensors and the ITC5, and already have the AIS350, a EV100 autopilot (with a P70 controller) and a Lowrance HDs7 Plotter.
With all that equipment on board, I guess that I can take full advantage of all the i70 data display information... is that correct?
Best Regards,

RE: Accronyms i70 - ferssini - 04-19-16 10:47 AM

Hi again Steve,

I've been searching on internet the web pages you suggested me, and others.
As far as I can see, most of the acronyms used on the i70 manual does not correspond to a "precise" NMEA sentence (0183/2000), but to a simple descriptive sentence of the data displayed, but shortened (i.e.: AWA is not a NMEA specific sentence but an acronym of "Apparent Wind Angle").
Besides, terms such as "PILOT HEADING" or "TACK HEADING" aren't acronyms and obviously not a NMEA sentence.

Other acronyms, such as "CMG" ("Course Made Good", I guess) demand some sort of explanation on the type of data that is been displayed.

There are others easier to understand: AWA - TWA - etc.

And some others, claim for some description in order to be better understood: VMG vs. VMG WAYPOINT.

So please tell the people in the Documentation team to do their best to be as clear as possible, adding a couple of pages to the manuals to explain each term or acronym. They will be rewarded by the "standard" sailors!!

RE: Accronyms i70 - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-20-16 09:14 AM

It has been reported. Thank you for your suggestions.

RE: Accronyms i70 - Captain Addison - 06-10-17 01:01 PM

I too could use this information. Please provide a key to the acronyms used.

RE: Accronyms i70 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-12-17 08:09 AM