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[CA11] Dragonfly 5 Pro Losing Depth - Nsciankowy - 07-15-18 01:54 PM


My unit looses bottom and depth over 8 knots. I have read the FAQ and have tried many different positions on the hull. I previously had a low end Lowrance fish finder and had no issue with it loosing depth. Does this point to a electrical interference issue? I was also wondering if it is advisable to do the software up grade?


RE: Dragonfly 5 Pro Losing Depth - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-16-18 10:58 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Nick,

The reported issue may well be associated with an older version of software and it is indeed recommended that the display's software be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update. Should the problem persist, then please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.