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Ev-100 calibration/commisioning with MFD - chas0218 - 04-18-16 12:16 PM

Can you commission/calibrate the autopilot with a MFD? I have the a68 and order a e7 and wanted to use those to calibrate the autopilot. Is it possible to use these or do I have to use the p70r head unit? I don't have room on my dash for all 3 displays and would like to keep the a68 and e7 over the p70r unit.

RE: Ev-100 calibration/commisioning with MFD - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-19-16 09:09 AM

I always recommend having a Control Head to control the autopilot system, because it is the easiest way to control the system quickly. You can commission and control the autopilot through the MFD, but I would recommend you try the button presses in order to get familiar. I have enclosed the latest manual for the latest version of Lighthouse software version 16. The autopilot commissioning information is located on page 90.