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E80 Replacement - charlesjacob4695 - 07-17-18 08:56 PM

I have an E80 that I cannot seem to get to use the new navionics 16 gb cf card. I am thinking of upgrading but need to find one that will use the existing transducer. Do you have an suggestions?

RE: E80 Replacement - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-18 12:57 AM

Your existing transducer will be connected to a black-box sounder module, probably a DSM300. The old DSM isn't compatible with new Axiom or Axiom Pro displays, but you can re-use any DSM-compatible transducer either by connecting it to the new display directly (well, through an adaptor cable - more below) or by replacing the DSM with a new CP370 sounder module.

You'd use the CP370 if:
- you can't run the transducer cable or an extension (E66010, 5m) up to where the display will be
- you have a 1kW transducer and want to install an Axiom display, not Axiom Pro (Pro has 1kW built-in, Axiom is 600W only.)
Otherwise, you'd connect directly to the display to save cost.

If you were connecting to an Axiom display directly, you'd use adaptor cable A80489 or Y-cable A80492 to be able to add a new RealVision transducer as well.
If you were connecting to an Axiom Pro display directly, you'd use adaptor cable A80496 (no Y-cable required.)