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[CA11] Axiom Pro 9 S to E80 Integration - CoastalMarine - 07-19-18 09:32 AM

Integrating new Axiom Pro S with existing E80.

Yesterday, I replaced the E80 at my customer's helm with an Axiom Pro 9 S, and moved the old E80 to the navigation desk in the cabin. Please see the attached schematic for the full system and interconnections.

The boat has ST1 instruments and an ST1 autopilot (upgraded to S3G by Raymarine 11/07) with the old rectangular rotary style control head (ST7000?). One Raynet port from the Axiom is connected to the existing radome via an adapter and crossover coupler, while the other Axiom Raynet port is connected to the E80 via Raynet cable with a Raynet (M) to SThs adapter cable.

1. Both the Axiom and E80 are unable to find position data when they are connected together via ethernet (Raynet to SThs). Both MFDs are receiving ST1 data like depth and speed, but the E80 does not recognize the ST1 GPS, and the Axiom does not recognize it own internal GPS. They both want to be Data Masters, and neither one recognizes another MFD on the network, so neither MFD will allow use to switch Data Master to off or slave. The radar, however, works fine on both the Axiom and E80 with the ethernet connection in place. With ethernet disconnected between the two, both MFDs function properly, except of course the E80 no longer sees radar. How do I get these two MFD's to integrate properly?

2. I have been unable to setup autopilot integration (control autopilot directly from MFD screen) with the Axiom, as the Axiom does not recognize the autopilot. From reading other threads, it appears that there is no fix for this problem, but if there is, please advise. If there is no fix and none is in the works, then how much of the existing autopilot would have to be replaced, and how would such replacement affect integration with the E80?

3. I also installed an AIS700. It is my understanding that E80 (the latest sw update is installed) supports AIS via 0183, but not ST1. If we get the ethernet connections working between the two displays, will I still need to connect the E80 to the AIS 700 via 0183?

Thank you for your assistance.

RE: [CA11] Axiom Pro 9 S to E80 Integration - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-18 10:36 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum CoastalMarine,

A1. Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse 3 software are exclusively designed to be interfaced via Ethernet communications to other MFDs running LightHouse 3 software. Similarly, E-Series Classic MFDs are exclusively designed to be interfaced via Ethernet communications to other MFDs running E-Series Classic MFD software (i.e. other E-Series Classic MFDs). Accordingly, you cannot interface the E-Series Classic MFD to the Axiom MFD as you have so indicated. While it may be possible to interface by the Axiom MFD and E-Series Classic MFD (w/5.69 software) each as spurs to a common SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone, features requiring very high bandwidth data communications (i.e. cartography sharing, radar, fishfinder, SiriusXM satellite weather/radio, IP video, etc.) will not be shared between these two types of MFDs. If seeking true two station capability, it would be necessary to replace the E80 with an Axiom, Axiom Pro, or Axiom XL MFD.

A2. The autopilot controls feature of LightHouse 3 software is limited to systems featuring an Evolution autopilot. Accordingly, the autopilot's control head must be used to engage Auto, Track, and Standby mode, as well as all other autopilot setup and features.

A3. Please see the response to Q1.

Additional comment regarding diagram ... the SeaTalkng backbone shown is being powered from more than one source and the SeaTalk bus exceeds the recommended number of SeaTalk devices per the FAQ found here.