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Compact flash adapter - Saint Larry - 07-23-18 06:47 PM

I have a c80 and needed a new card, ordered a micro SD card by mistake and can not return the card. I need a compact flash card. My question is will a compact flash adapter work? I see them for cameras, would it work? Or do I just upgrade my electronics now? Thanks

RE: Compact flash adapter - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-27-18 12:55 AM


I'm sorry to say that it won't work: generic adaptors won't pass through the low-level detail required to 'unlock' Navionics' chart encryption. Raymarine did offer a special CF chard card adaptor for a while, because there was a time when it looked like CF chart cards would be discontinued, but we didn't continuing supplying the hardware and developing the supporting software in the MFDs because it became clear that CF charts were going to continue to be available. My memory is that only A50/57/70 and C-series Widescreen supported the adaptor we offered (the adaptor came after C-Classic was retired.)

I think you will need to sell off the SD chart and buy a CF version.