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[CA11] nav 398 battery - vrerisi@optonline.net - 07-30-18 08:08 AM

i would like to know the backup lithium battery number for the Raymarine NAV 398 GPS/Loran

RE: [CA11] nav 398 battery - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-30-18 02:04 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum vrerisi,

The part number for the lithium ion memory battery for the NAV398 was 5ZBAD00089. This battery featured legs which were welded to the battery, permitting it to be soldered to a processor board. Unfortunately, specs for this battery, as well as parts, service, and support for this long ago retired product are no longer available from Raymarine. You may want to consider having Batteries+Bulbs or a similar battery replacement company replace the battery within your NAV398, as it involved soldering.

RE: [CA11] nav 398 battery - vrerisi@optonline.net - 07-31-18 03:19 PM

Is there a suitable replacement for the NAV398 that will fit in instrument panel

RE: [CA11] nav 398 battery - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-01-18 09:19 AM


Raymarine has not produced a product which was specifically designed to replace the NAV398. Should your NAV398 be otherwise operational I would recommend following the advice to have the unit's battery changed by Batteries+ or company offering similar battery replacement services. However, should you be interested in upgrading the electronics and list each of the marine electronics products within your system, then I may be able to suggest currently offered Raymarine electronics and identify whether the other electronics onboard will be compatible and/or may be adapted for use with currently offered Raymarine electronics.