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[BG11] ST 4000 replacement suggestion - Timangiel - 07-31-18 05:53 PM

I have a ST 4000 wheel pilot with a Navcenter 600 Chartplotter, & St50 plus instruments/GPS/Navdata interconnected with Seatalk. I am looking to replace my wheel pilot and I am wondering what is the recommended replacement? Anything that will work with my old stuff?

RE: [BG11] ST 4000 replacement suggestion - Brian G - Raymarine -Moderator - 08-02-18 11:38 AM

The modern replacement for your ST4000w is our EV-100 Wheel Pilot Pack (part# T70152) which includes the p70s autopilot control, the ACU-100 actuator control unit, the EV-1 Sensor core, the EV1 cabling kit, and the current MK2 wheel drive. You can bridge the modern autopilot's SeaTalkNG backbone to your legacy SeaTalk 1 system to share data as well. The basic concept of the SeaTalkNG backbone and adding components to the basic starter kit that comes with the autopilot kit is outlined here: