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How do I book a repair for my product? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-01-18 01:13 PM

How doe a book a repair for my product?

Repairs for one's Raymarine product(s) are booked through Raymarine's Partner Portal. Booking a repair requires that an account be created on the Partner Portal and that the product(s) to be repaired be registered prior to booking the repair. While it is recommended that Raymarine products be registered within the first thirty days of ownership, accounts may be created and products registered via the Partner Portal at any time. As product IDs the serial numbers for one's products will be required when registering one's products, the serial number / barcode labels included within the product documentation packaged with the product should be retained. Should these labels have been misplaced or not be available, then the product ID / serial numbers for one's products may be obtained from the product ID / serial number label affixed to the underside, bulkhead facing side, or inside case of the product. In the case of system's featuring Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software, the serial numbers of products which have been interfaced to the MFD via its Ethernet and/or SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 communications interfaces may be accessed via the MFD's diagnostics features. As part of the process for booking a repair through Raymarine's Partner Portal, the opportunity to print a shipping label will be presented.

When booking a repair, a Flat Rate repair cost for the corresponding product along with any common repairs will be listed. The posted Flat Rate may not cover repairs caused by physical damage (lightning strike, fire, submersion, etc.) to the product. Upon completion of the bench check / inspection, Raymarine's Product Repair Center will contact the customer with the actual cost to repair the product and to collect billing information.