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AP Pump Tie In Loction - Cliff808 - 08-02-18 12:19 AM


I ordered a EV-150 AP and have been researching on where to place the Tee's to tie into the hydraulic lines. Ive read that the pump should be located as close to the hydraulic cylinder as possible, however in the diagrams on I've noticed that the tee's are placed close to the helm. Where would the optimum placement be? Also, is it possible to add the tee's onto the fitting from the helm or the cylinder, instead of cutting the original hoses coming from the helm to tie them in. Thanks in advance for the help.


RE: AP Pump Tie In Loction - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-13-18 04:08 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Cliff,

The diagram shown within the hydraulic pump installation guide is not intending to imply that the Ts should be installed within the middle of the hydraulic lines. As indicated within the installation guide, performance will be maximized when the pump has been located within close proximity to the steering ram. Installation would typically require that the hydraulic hose be cut to permit the T to be inserted. Many Raymarine dealers (ex. The GPS Store, etc.) offer offers fittings kits to install autopilot hydraulic pumps to various types of hydraulic steering systems. While Raymarine does not produce them, it is conceivable that T fittings could be installed directly to the ram itself.