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[TG11] RV300 - placement - watsala - 08-07-18 04:38 AM


I have read the FAQ on the transducer placement for RV300. The issue is that our sailboat hull is 50mm thick - almost two inches.

In order to have enough thread on the inside of the hull I need to take a small wedge out of the hull and then mount the transducer.

I have done a to scale drawing and it looks like the attachment. I am more than happy the hull is strong enough. My question is - will this placement interfere with the sonar?

I have the 20 (+/- 6 deg) RV300 with bronze base. I assume the signal comes out of the part of the transducer which is covered in black plastic? (which is well clear of the hull even with the wedge).


RE: [TG11] RV300 - placement - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-23-18 10:01 PM

Hello Watsala,

This isn't something we'd generally recommend, but from an acoustic point of view I don't think it will cause a problem. You will need to make sure that the outboard edge of the transducer is supported outside the hull, and that the nut/locking ring is also supported inside so that the surfaces that the transducer and locking ring clamp are parallel. I am assuming that this is what you plan, it's just not on shown on your drawing.