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[CA11] RV-200xx installation location - jfitch - 08-07-18 11:00 AM

I am attempting to install an RV-212 set on a semi displacement trawler hull. Much of the bottom is inaccessible due to a hull liner or other obstructions. The area left by the factory for transducers is about 1/3 LWL back from the bow, and about 24" off centerline on each side. The keel is about 9" deep in this area, and the deadrise about 14 deg. In addition on the port side, the engine raw water intake is about 8" away (outboard) from the proposed transducer location.

I'm wondering how well this will work. Any other location will require cutting through the hull liner, it isn't clear whats under there or if this would allow water into where it shouldn't be.

To try it using the waterbag trick may be possible, but also involves some work (and an extra haulout). If there was good probability it will work as I have described, I'd go ahead and install them. If there is a big question, I'd probably try the extra work of a trial.

I'm not looking for peak fishing performance, just good bottom imaging.

RE: [CA11] RV-200xx installation location - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-15-18 09:48 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jfitch,

RV Thru-Hull Transducer Pairs have been designed and tested for a maximum separation of 4'. Should this distance be exceeded, then it may well cause a blind spot directly beneath the keel. One of the primary keys to any sonar imaging is to ensure that the transducers are afforded a non-aerated flow of water across the face of the transducers. Many boat manufacturers will specify and/or provide hull features to support installation of transducers within a location which will maximize sonar performance. As indicated within the RV Thru-Hull Transducer Installation Guide, it is common for displacement hulls to install transducers approximately 1/3 aft of the forward most point of the waterline. For planing hulls with inboard propulsion, the transducers would commonly be installed approximately 1/3 of the waterline's depth fwd of the stern.

RE: [CA11] RV-200xx installation location - jfitch - 08-16-18 04:16 PM

I'm going to be about 1/3 of the LWL aft and 4' separation, so it seems like it should work. Thanks!

RE: [CA11] RV-200xx installation location - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-17-18 08:37 AM

You're welcome.