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[CA11] System Reset of P70s Controller - WEG3 - 08-10-18 03:47 PM

I had some difficulties setting up my EV-1, ACU and P70s and think I may have unknowingly bypassed the Set-Up Wizard. I think I need to reset the system, but don’t see how that can be accomplished. Can someone walk me through the reset process? Pressing MENU does not get me to SET-UP.

RE: [CA11] System Reset of P70s Controller - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-16-18 11:12 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum WEG3,

The Dockside Wizard menu option is executed via the command sequence MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->COMMISSIONING->DOCKSIDE WIZARD. Should this option not be listed then it would be recommended that a Pilot Factory Reset be commanded. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.