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[CA11] DSC position request ray260/e95/stng - smcahee - 08-11-18 03:50 PM

I’ve got an e95 hooked up to a ray 260 (the AIS receiver model) via STng. There’s a fair bit of other stuff on the ng bus such as an ST 70, SPX10, ST to STng converter (raystar 125 and lifetag hooked to that) as well as two fusion remotes, a fusion MS AV700 and two maretron j2k engine interface modules. I’ve got a Hd color radar and DSM 300 on Raynet/Ethernet. The e95 and the Ray 260 appear to have the latest software releases, as does the ST/STng converter. The ‘dsc alerts’ setting on the e95 is ‘on’. When I send a position request to a friend using the radio, the lat/long appears on the radio but doesn’t seem to get passed to the e95. The documentation and the marketing materials on your website suggest that I’m supposed to get some kind of message/waypoint on my e95. The e95 just sits there. Am I missing something? Does this not work with an NG connection?

RE: [CA11] DSC position request ray260/e95/stng - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-16-18 01:32 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum smcahee,

Please generate a Diagnostics...html file from your Data Master MFD and attach it to your reply for further analysis/support.