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[CA11] Upgrade an old system? - svaspen - 08-13-18 03:29 PM

I have a legacy Raymarine integrated system on my 38 foot sailboat. I would like to upgrade my systems.

What would be the best way to upgrade my current navigation system (fully integrated MFD, autopilot, depth sounder, AIS , radar and wind instrument)? I would like to upgrade using the ES 21.1 series MFD if possible. If not, then the AXION 12.1 MFD series.

My current configuration is:
E120 Classic MFD
ST6002 Smart Pilot Controller (for linear drive)
ST60+ Tridata
Raymarine Wind i60
Raystar 125 GPS
SPX10 Smart Pilot Computer
RD218 18” Radar

Thank you for your help.

RE: [CA11] Upgrade an old system? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-15-18 10:27 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum svaspen,

Replacement of the E-Series Classic MFD with eS12x MFD or an Axiom 12 MFD would require replacement of the currently installed radome and its cable.

Axiom MFDs are not supported for use with a DSM30 or DSM300, necessitating its replacement with a CP370. If an Axiom MFD is installed, then HS5 RayNet Network Switch would need to be installed to accommodate interfacing the MFD, radome, and CP370/DSM to one another. The latter would not be required within a system featuring an eS-Series MFD, but may make the installation easier as well as permit easier expansion of the system.

It is recommended that the SPX autopilot course computer be installed as a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 device and that the ST6002 be replaced with a p70S autopilot control head. The MFD, i60 Wind, autopilot control head, and SPX10 would then each be interfaced as individual spurs to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone which would include a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter to support integration with your current system's devices having a SeaTalk communications interface (ST60+ instruments, Raystar 125 GPS Sensor, etc.). If installing an Axiom MFD, then it would be recommended that the software of the SPX10 be updated prior to installation of the Axiom MFD, as Axiom MFDs are not designed to update the software of these autopilot course computers.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing replacement of an E-Series Classic MFD with an eS-Series MFD.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing replacement of an E-Series Classic MFD with an Axiom MFD.