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[DG11] Ray 260e Handset Extension Cable - bel ébats - 08-20-18 04:54 PM

I'm fitting a Ray260e set and need to extend the handset away from the set box. The manual shows a cable set including a bulkhead fitting that would achieve this, but not a part no. for it. Searching the net reveals plenty of extension cables for the 240 unit p/n E45012 would this fit? or could you provide the correct part no to improve my searching please.


RE: [DG11] Ray 260e Handset Extension Cable - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-23-18 11:19 AM

HI bel ébats
Thank you for your enquiry below

The RAY240 accessories are not interchangeable with the RAY260 so do not use RAY240 cables please.

The A80200 is a 5m extension cable
The A80201 is a 10m extension cable