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[CA11] LH3 Does Not Display Battery Charging Information - JohnBRI - 08-20-18 07:21 PM

I have both a ES127 and ES128 MFD. In LH2 engine data screen displayed the charging voltage. I recently updated to LH3 from LH2 using the most recent firmware release. engine data screen is a different layout but I no longer get any readouts for charging voltage, just dashes (-) instead. Engines and interface has not changed. Always in the past the Volvo engine data displayed this parameter.

I also read on-line that it might be possible to display more information relating to batteries in LH3. If so what is the best way to enable, assuming that the engine manufacturer has that data on the NEMA2000 bus.

I have attached diagnostic files from LH2 that I had saved when I was having issues upgrading to LH3. Not sure if these are useful or not in helping to determine the battery charging voltage not displaying for LH3. As always I appreciate your support.

RE: [CA11] LH3 Does Not Display Battery Charging Information - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-21-18 10:04 AM


Thanks for sending some the requested data for use logging a problem report. It would have been helpful to have additionally had a data capture of from the MFD's SeaTalkng NMEA 2000 receive buffer when the engine was running. As no engine gateway was listed with the Diagnostics...html file, please indicate the make/model of engine gateway which has been interfaced to the system.

Like LightHouse II, LightHouse three supports displaying battery data for systems which feature NMEA 2000 battery monitoring devices (ex. Maretron DCM100, etc.). In the absence of such data, the MFD will report bus voltage within the Supply Voltage data item (BATTERY->ALL BATTERIES->SUPPLY VOLTAGE).