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[CA11] Adjustments to +10 and -10 heading commands - WEG3 - 08-25-18 12:33 PM

My preprogrammed P70s controller heading commands (+10 or -10) need adjustment. Entering +10 or -10 causes the vessel to change course by approximately +6 or -6 degrees according to my compass and not the full 10 degrees. How do I make the small adjustment necessary to ensure the full +10/-10 degree changes are executed? I have a wheel auto pilot without rudder reference transducer and EV-1.

RE: [CA11] Adjustments to +10 and -10 heading commands - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-13-18 02:23 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum WEG3,

Autopilot control heads have no such adjustments. Was the autopilot operating in Auto mode or in Track mode when the reported symptom was observed? What value has your Evolution autopilot's the Response setting been set to? What version of software is installed within the autopilot's EV-1 CCU? What was the maximum deviation value detected by the autopilot after it had completed detecting magnetics?