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[CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - trush640 - 08-29-18 10:50 AM

Hi -

I'm hoping that you might be able to guide me in resolving a water temperature conflict on my Raymarine setup. My setup is as follows:

- e127 MFD is the data master, connected to the NMEA2k network with a Mercury NMEA2k gateway.
- factory installed Airmar transducer, integrated into the Mercury Vesselview network and NMEA2k network.
- Axiom 12 with two RV-212 transducers, connected to the NMEA2k backbone.

In the "Transducer" setup screen of the Axiom, the "current temperature" is shown correctly (85.8 degrees), however, it has a note stating that this is not the source for temperature (or something to that effect). See attached.

When I add "Water Temperature" to the Axiom screen, it shows the incorrect Airmar temperature of 116 degrees (see attached).

So it appears that the Airmar transducer temperature is taking priority, since the e127 is the data master. I suspect that the solution is to make the Axiom the data master. I've been hesitant to make the Axiom the data master, since it was one of the first Axiom's released, however, I've continuously upgraded the software and both MFDs are on the latest releases.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


RE: [CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-29-18 01:33 PM

Welcome to the the Raymarine Forum trush640,

With regard to MFDs, Data Mastership only applies to MFDs which have been interfaced to one another via Ethernet communications. Please note that MFDs running LightHouse II software (e127) and those running the LightHouse 3 operating system (Axiom) cannot be simultaneously interfaced/operated within the same Ethernet network. However, MFDs running LightHouse II software and those running the LightHouse 3 software may simultaneously be interfaced as spurs to the system's powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone.

Based upon the information provided, it appears that the thermistor of the Airmar transducer is failing. Within Raymarine systems, instrument sources of water temperature (such as that from the Airmar transducer which has been interfaced to your Vessel View system) are prioritized higher than fishfinder sources of water temperature within LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software. As the Data Sources feature of LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software does not support source selection for water temperature, the system will continue to use the water temperature data from the Vessel View system as long as it is present. Accordingly, the only way to cause the system to display water temperature from the RV-212 transducer would be to disconnect the faulty transducer from the Vessel View system.

RE: [CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - trush640 - 08-29-18 04:00 PM

Chuck, Thank you for the quick response and detailed insight.

That makes perfect sense and I'll research how to disconnect the Airmar transducer, since it was failing on depth readings as well.

Thanks again!

RE: [CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-30-18 08:00 AM

You're welcome.

RE: [CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - trush640 - 10-04-18 12:47 PM

Just a quick update for those that may also have this issue...

Disconnecting the Airmar transducer from the VesselView system was very easy.

The transducer is wired into the starboard engine on my setup. Following the engine wiring diagram, I was able to identify the four-wire plug that was sending the transducer info into the VesselView network.

Once I unplugged the transducer, the proper water temperature was displayed, as Chuck mentioned.

RE: [CA11] Water Temperature Conflict - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-04-18 12:57 PM

Thanks for the additional information.