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[CA11] ST290 key pad control head - nick - 09-01-18 10:19 AM

I have an autopilot with a 300 course computer and a ST6001 control
head, can a ST290 key pad control be used with this set up at a remote location?

RE: [CA11] ST290 key pad control head - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-13-18 10:09 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Nick,

Technically, the ST290 key pad may be used to command an autopilot which is compatible with a ST6001 autopilot control head. However, the ST290 key pad was designed to be used with a ST290 Graphic display w/ST290 DPU which would in turn present menu and other autopilot data to the operator ins response to the buttons pressed. Should such a display not be present, then you would essentially be commanding blindly. The better choice for those seeking a remote would be another compatible autopilot control head or a wireless autopilot remote control (ex. S100, SmartController).

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