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[CA11] Jumping display c90w - Ragha - 09-04-18 04:14 PM

My c90w display jumps around especially when at low speed or when not moving. The boat symbol and route move first, then the chart. Very annoying. It has been like this since 2014 when I purchased the boat. I read about how the icon will be oriented to GPS COG in the absence of heading data:


I have a fluxgate compass connected to the SPX10. Do I need to connect another compass to the c90w to get rid of this problem or is something wrong with my fluxgate? Tne display jumps also when i choose N up, although not as much.
Any ideas?

RE: [CA11] Jumping display c90w - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-11-18 02:17 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ragnar,

Unfortunately, the Chart application of early Raymarine MFD designs such as the C-Series Widescreen MFDs orients the cartography displayed with the Chart application to GPS COG when the Head Up chart orientation is selected. When so configured, the vessel icon will be oriented to Heading (if interfaced to the autopilot or other heading source) or to COG (when not interfaced to the autopilot or other heading source). When the vessel is stationary or operating at slow / maneuvering speeds, the random error of the GPS will report minor sensed movements of the vessel to the system. Each such reported movement will have a COG associated with it. This sensed change in COG will cause chart screen to be re-oriented and offset in response to the sensed motion. Accordingly, when the vessel is stationary or operating at very slow (ex. maneuvering speed), it is recommended that the Chart orientation be configured to North-Up and that vessel offset setting be configured to 0 to avoid such re-drawing of the chart.

RE: [CA11] Jumping display c90w - Ragha - 11-02-18 11:47 AM

Thanks for the reply. But the jumping is sideways; I would have assumed a change in angle if switching between heading and COG. It should then be a common problem with older Raymarine MFD, but no one that I have shown it to has seen it before. Video attached.

RE: [CA11] Jumping display c90w - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-02-18 12:25 PM


The movement of the vessel icon as shown within the video is typically associated with poor / reduced GPS signal strength and/or a failing internal GPS sensor. When such a problem is reported, it would be recommended that the HDOP value be examined within the MFD's GPS Status dialog. In such systems, a HDOP value which is higher than 1.0 it typically reported. The GPS filtering in early Raymarine GPS sensors (including those which were embedded within MFDs) was not as advanced within later designs. In such systems, it would typically be recommended that an external GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 150 GPS Sensor) be fitted to the system and that the MFD's internal GPS sensor be configured to OFF.

RE: [CA11] Jumping display c90w - Ragha - 11-04-18 12:44 PM

I monitored HDOP over the weekend. 0.8 when jumping at mooring. 0.6-0.8 mostly, occasionally 1.0, when sailing. Had a few jumps at 0.8 and even 0.6 underway at 3-4 knots. No jumps when doing 6-7 knots even at 1.0. In next harbor 1.20 and a lot of jumping also when N up. But jumping disappeared when I set boat offset to 0.

RE: [CA11] Jumping display c90w - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-05-18 08:56 AM


Again, the results reported are as I had specified within my initial response. As noted within my later response, the improved GPS filtering of GPS sensor designs can improve on the performance reported.