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[CA11] C120 software update - smancino - 09-19-18 01:55 PM

I am trying to update my software from 2009. I received two CF cards from Raymarine but neither will give me the software change screens when I start my machine. I was able to back up my files to the card so I believe it is reading and writing to the card. Is there another way to get the installation screens? Should I try to restore to factory settings or something.

RE: [CA11] C120 software update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-19-18 03:47 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum smancino,

Unfortunately, there is no way to update the MFD's software other than having a CF memory card which is compatible with the MFD's bootloader and has been properly populated with the software update files for the MFD. Switching the MFD ON while such a CF card is present within the MFD's memory card reader should cause the MFD to boot up to the software update screen, rather than the Navigational Warning dialog displayed upon completion of the normal startup initialization. Performing a Factory Reset would not address the problem which you have reported. As the MFD appears to be able to save data to a CF memory card, it can be surmised that the MFD's memory card reader is operational. Please name the Raymarine dealer who provided you with the CF memory card and additionally indicate whether the dealer populated the CF memory card with the software update files.