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[DG] smartpilot s3 - ricardomann - 10-03-18 04:05 PM

Will i be able to calibrate my smartpilot s3 with p70rs controller ? i don't have the original ST6001

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-04-18 07:03 AM

Hi ricardomann

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The S3 course computer is several generations before the p70Rs control units, so although the control unit can operate the basic functions of the autopilot, such as AUTO or STANDBY, or course changes, none of the higher functions such as TRACK or VANE mode will operate and you cannot access the AUTOPILOT calibration in the S3.

Only ST6001/ST6002 or ST7001/ ST7002 control units can access the calibration set up of the S3 course computer.



RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - ricardomann - 10-04-18 03:04 PM

Can i run p70rs and st6001 on s3 both at the same time

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-05-18 08:11 AM

Hi ricardomann

Thanks for the feedback,

Yes, you can run both in the same system - but they must both be connected to SeaTalk, so the p70rs will be operating on SeaTalk as well as the ST6001.


RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - ricardomann - 10-07-18 01:08 PM

Thanks for that.
Is there a diagram to show the best way to wire ? if not can you explain thanks. Ricky

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-08-18 08:25 AM

Hi ricardomann

The p70rs and the ST6001 are both connected via the SeaTalk 1 network, see below

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2340],

In this diagram, the p70s is connected through the STng to Seatalk1 adapter cable part number A06073 to the rest of a SeaTalk 1 network. Please note that this adapter cable does not convert the STng to SeaTalk1, it just enables the p70s to be connected to SeaTalk, the p70s itself detects whether it is connected to STng or to SeaTalk and automatically switches between the two protocols. The p70s can either be STng OR SeaTalk1, but cannot be both at the same time.

I hope this helps?

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - ricardomann - 10-09-18 11:09 AM

Thank you for all the help with this . Can i connect all this system to my new (Axiom 9) through the nmea 2000 pigtail on the loom provided with the Axiom 9 ? if so is it just plug and play with a nmea to sting connector cable or do i have to wire through a nmea to sting converter ? thanks Ricardo Mann

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-11-18 10:03 AM

Hi ricardomann

The AXIOM communicates via STng ( SeaTalk next generation), the S3 communicates via SeaTalk - these two protocols are totally different, SeaTalk is a Raymarine proprietary data and STng is compatible with NMEA2000.

The two networks can ONLY be connected via an E22158 SeaTalk to STng converter, a cable with a SeaTalk plug one end and an STng plug the other end merely converts plug types, it does not convert any data.

I hope this helps?

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - angel3890 - 10-11-18 01:37 PM

What are your settings now?

RE: [DG] smartpilot s3 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-12-18 06:51 AM

Hi angel3890

Sorry, I don't understand your question? Is this directed to ricardomann?