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[CA11] Autohelm depth,speed replacement - sailcm44 - 10-10-18 10:05 AM

I have an old autohelm tridata which I assume is the same as the raymarine i40 and I need to upgrade. Will the new transducers in the i50, i60 be the same size as the old tridata? I have no info on the old units but they are separate speed and depth and removable with plugs and a flapper (?) to restrict water inflow. I also have a repeater that's not really neccesary. Not anywhere near the boat to measure.


RE: [CA11] Autohelm depth,speed replacement - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-10-18 03:43 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pj,

Depth and speed/temp transducers which were designed for any of the following are compatible with an i50 Tridata Instrument:
- ST50 Tridata
- ST50+ Tridata
- ST60 Tridata
- ST60+ Tridata
- ST40 Bidata
- ST70/ST290 Depth and Speed/Temp pods.