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AP/MFD Interference - MAK1377 - 04-28-16 10:27 AM

I recently installed a C127 and Evolution Auto Pilot (ACU-100, Type 0.5 Pump, and EV-1). I am using a P66 (50/200 kHz) transducer. The C127, ACU-100, and AP Pump are mounted inside the fiberglass console of my Edgewater 225 EX. The console is perhaps 3-feet wide by 1-foot deep. The C127 is mounted in the middle of the dash; the ACU-100 is mounted on the right sidewall of the console, while the Type 0.5 pump is mounted on the left sidewall of the console. The C127 and ACU-100 are mounted at the same height, while the Type 0.5 Pump is approximately 1.5 to 2.0 feet lower than the C127. The C127 and ACU-100 are wired to separate switches on a 12V Blue Sea Systems WeatherDeck switch panel that is also on the front face of the console. The 12V SeaTalk ng power cable that is connected to my SeaTalk ng 5-way connector is wired to the same switch as my C127. The transducer cable enters the console from the right lower side. When operating the Auto Pilot and when using the 200kHz mode, there is a distinct vertical interference line that shows up every time the Type 0.5 pump engages to steer the boat. I would like to know if this is possibly due to the C127 and AP being wired into the same switch panel (but different switches) or could it possibly be from EM interference from the 12V power cables to the Type 0.5 Pump being in proximity to the transducer cable. I do not see the same interference when using the 50 kHz mode. Given the small space behind the console, are there ways to shield the transducer and/or power cables from one another?

RE: AP/MFD Interference - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-28-16 12:17 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum MAK1377,

It is indeed possible that the noise from the pump's power leads may indeed be causing interference visible within the fishfinder's imagery. Generally, it is advised that transducer cables not be bundled with or routed in close proximity to other cables. Before re-routing the transducer cable, you may want to consider installing as many as six ferrite bead RF Chokes as close as is permissible to each end of the pump's power leads to correct the problem.

[Image: 5-ferrite-snap-on-choke-noise-suppressor...icture.jpg]

RE: AP/MFD Interference - MAK1377 - 05-05-16 11:54 AM

I installed two large magnets on the AP pump power/control wires; one at each end. Problem solved. Thank you for your help.

RE: AP/MFD Interference - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-05-16 12:06 PM

You're welcome.