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[LW11] AIS 700 software update - Benmac - 11-10-18 06:17 AM

Im wanting to do the new software update, as my AIS 700 has stoped interfacing with my c120 plotter and one off the issues that the update is fixing is the same alert that im getting (No Sensor Position), the issue im having is actually doing the update. The instructions on website say to use a sd card or micro sd card, but can find the slot for card on the AIS unit, the instructions manually talks about other methods one being PC, which i can do, but when the PC and the AIS are interfacing i can not find any to do the update.
So question is how do you update the AIS700?

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-14-18 07:20 AM

Welcome Benmac,

The AIS700 cannot be updated via a C-series classic, the current option for you to update the software is to take your unit to one of our authorised Raymarine Service agents who will be able to perform the update for you. End users do not have the option to perform the update via a PC at the moment, however, we are looking at making this an option in the future.

The website refers to the sd/micro-sd cards to use for software updates via our MFDs, the AIS700 does not have the ability to read sd/ micro-sd cards.

Best Regards

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - nickvh - 12-16-18 04:46 PM

Hi Raymarine team,
I have a similar issue but with the C140W MFD, i tried updating via the MFD after selecting the FW to update from my SD card and then also selecting the AIS 700 which shows up as a target. The only option to send is via ST2, but when i try this it says a problem has been had trying to transfer the data. Looks like that process also shutdown the AIS 700 as well. Any way to side load from a PC? Im wondering if this is releated to the fact i have the AIS connected to NMEA2000 backbone and dont really use NMEA 183?

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-19-18 03:25 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Nick,

At the time of this response, the software of the AIS700 was exclusively designed to be updated by a Raymarine MFD running the latest LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software. The software of the AIS700 is not presently designed to be updated by earlier MFD designs such as A/C/E-Series Classic MFDs, C/E-Series Widescreen MFDs, or GPM400. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing options for updating product software when the system lacks the type of MFD required to perform the update.

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - nickvh - 12-20-18 03:48 PM

Hi Chuck

thanks, i should have asked you before trying for an hour:)

So, as a solution and kind of a nice idea, if i buy the Axiom 7 DV, plug that into the NMEA 2000 network - in theory i can then update the AIS 700, is that correct?

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-20-18 03:56 PM

Q. So, if i buy the Axiom 7 DV, plug that into the NMEA 2000 network - in theory i can then update the AIS 700, is that correct?
A. Correct.

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - nickvh - 01-02-19 01:13 PM

FYI i ended up buying the Axiom 7 btw, and this integrated nicely into the older system and enabled me to update the AIS systems very easily!

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-02-19 01:25 PM

You're welcome.

RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - peter.jellinghaus@gmail.com - 05-06-19 01:46 PM

Dear Louise,
I am using an AIS 700 (software v 1.03) with the old C 70 Series MFD (newest software version from 2012) via NMEA 0183 since one year. Firstly it worked well but now I mostly have the error “unvalid UTC sync” and other vessels are not shown on the MFD. (My vessel can be seen by others). The AIS 700 shows green LED. The update description of v 1.06 describes exactly the fixture of that error. Because the old C 70 series does not have the lighthouse software, the update cannot be run by micro SDcards via the MFD. The manual of the AIS 700 mentions an update via USB and PC. The update procedure does not describe that way and the update file seems only to content the ISO file for the MFD update procedure. The newest ProAIS2 v1.14 also does not have the feature to update the AIS 700 by USB.
Do you yet provide a software tool to update the AIS 700 via USB and PC or am I forced to send it to the dealer? The provision of an update tool for the end-users was announced in October 2018 in your post.


RE: [LW11] AIS 700 software update - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-09-19 04:31 AM

Dear peter,

Thank you for your query.

This is correct, you will need to update the software to fix the 'UTC sync' error message to V1.06. You will need to get a local Raymarine dealer onboard or send the unit in to us for a software update as this cannot be performed by an end user currently with any of the a/c/e classic or c/e wide MFDs as they cannot perform the update function.

We have not yet released a tool for customers to perform software updates on the AIS700, this is still with our engineering team.

You can find your local dealer here.

You can send the unit to us via our website here.

Many Thanks