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Axiom wireless display won't work - donaldreeder - 11-25-18 05:56 PM

I have an Axiom 9 RV with 3.7.70 software and a Microsoft MSDisplay Adapter_07. When I select "Settings" I then get a page with a title of "Settings" with 'Getting Started' , 'Boat details' , 'Units" , 'This display' , Autopilot' , and 'Network' as available selection choices. When I select 'This display' the page changes but still says "Settings" across the top, not Wireless display as page 81 of the 3.7XX lighthouse manual indicates.r searches for any available. I get no list of available wireless displays and it never scans for compatible devices. Nothing works the way that page 81 of the manual says it should. What's wrong?