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[CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - Pvaurochs - 11-26-18 12:21 PM

Could someone please tell me the function of the Red, Blue and Green wires that would connect to the ACU-150. I am connecting wires from a previous installation. The function of those wires are Rudder Power, Rudder Position and Rudder Common.

Thanks, Tom

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-27-18 08:58 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tom,

It is strongly advised that Raymarine's M81105 or a third party rudder reference transducer which has been specifically designed for use with Raymarine autopilots (ex. Octopus Autopilot Drive Systems, etc.) and steering systems (ex. [http://www.seastarsolutions.com/products/hydraulic-new/outboard-new/seastar_smartstick/]Teleflex SmartStick[/url], etc.) be used. Any rudder reference transducer which had been used with a previous Raymarine autopilot may instead be used with any other Raymarine autopilot design. The M81105 rudder reference transducer cable's bare lead is simply a shield/drain lead. The red and green are the right and left reference point of a rheostat (5k ohms when centered and resistance is measured between the blue lead and either the right or left reference leads). The blue lead is attached to the rheostat's wiper. When connecting any Raymarine rudder reference transducer's cable to a Raymarine autopilot ACU or course computer, one need simply match the colored leads of the Raymarine Rudder Reference Transducer to the corresponding color coded Rudder terminals of the Raymarine ACU or course computer.

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - nealm - 12-04-18 05:55 PM

Hate to Hijack a thread but this would be the subject of my new thread.
I purchased a used Ray marine rudder indicator but alas the cable is too short. my question is where can I get this kind of cable. I've looked around the net for three conductor shielded cable but the only hits I find are for large spools, I need 10 or so feet.

Neal M

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-05-18 08:48 AM


Unfortunately, Raymarine does not offer any rudder reference transducer extension cables. As suggested, commonly available marine grade cable of the same or larger gauge maybe used to extend the rudder reference transducer's cable. The rudder reference transducer is simply a resistance producing device. Such cable is commonly sold by the foot at marine electronics retailers such as West Marine. It is is perfectly acceptable to use a cable having a greater number of leads than is required. You may also want to consider contacting Certified Raymarine Installers to see if the will sell you some appropriate cable.

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - nealm - 12-05-18 09:08 AM

Is it imperative that the cable be shielded? Or can I simply use any multi-stranded wire?

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-05-18 09:18 AM


As indicated, the transducer cable only supports resistance measurements by the course computer or ACU. The shield serves no purpose except for bonding.

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - antonio.abadia@att.net - 08-08-19 07:10 PM

What resistance should I measure when testing bare wire to any of the other wires in the rudder sensor unit?

RE: [CA11] Rudder Indicator Wires - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-20-19 12:51 PM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the rudder reference transducer. The shield lead is simply a drain lead and no resistance measurement need be performed using this lead.