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[DG11] Problem Ais 700 - toniocask - 11-29-18 03:03 PM

Today I had a problem with my new Ais 700.
When connected on the 12v power the light goes in green mode,
after 5-6:minutes the light switch in red..
I cannot understand what can be.

If I disconnect the power, and then connect it again goes in green, 5 minutes and again in red :(
Can you help me ??
Thank you.

RE: [DG11] Problem Ais 700 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-30-18 08:54 AM

H iToniocask

Thank you for your enquiry

Please can you advise if you have connected PRO AIS2 to the AIS700 and set up the AIS700 complete with MMSI number?

If you connect PROAIS2 to the AIS700 and check the diagnostics this might indicate the nature of the fault.


RE: [DG11] Problem Ais 700 - toniocask - 11-30-18 03:20 PM

Yes, the set up was made with the mmsi number.
The PROAIS2 diagnostic indicate me this error:
AIS : UTC sync invalid
Thank you

RE: [DG11] Problem Ais 700 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-03-18 09:47 AM

Dear Antonio,

There is a new software update for the AIS700 on the Raymarine website see here for software update

This update should correct the alarm.