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[LW] waypoints not visible on slave MFD - shparrot - 12-02-18 04:11 PM

I have an Axiom XL master and Axiom Pro slave. When I create a waypoint on either unit they are not visible on the Axiom Pro. It makes no difference on which unit I create the waypoint. The waypoint name and symbol field on the Axiom Pro are blacked out. If I create GoTo cursor data the Axiom Pro displays the BTW vector but not the symbol for the vector end point. The final symptom is when I go to the Data -> Waypoints -> show/hide menu screen on the Axiom Pro the value for "num of waypoints" is always "0".
Software Axiom XL 3.6.32
Software Axiom Pro 16 3.4.66


RE: [LW] waypoints not visible on slave MFD - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-03-18 08:55 AM

Dear shparrot,

Thank you for your query on the forum.

The first issue that could be the cause of this, both the Axiom XL and Axiom Pro both need to be on the same level of software when networked together. You can find the instructions for updating the software units by clicking here.

Also ensure the units are connected on Raynet and STng.

Many Thanks