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St7002 -SPX30 and c125 MFD - joaquim prado - 04-29-16 02:45 PM

When I innitialy purchased the MFD c125 I connected the SPX30 via seatalk NG and the ST7002 via seatalk. I was using the navionics chart to navigate.
In order to make the whole thing right I connected aftwards all the devices together using a seatalk to seatalkNG converter upgrading both the SPX and the coverter software. As a result the boat does not show its actual direction on the navionics chart now. Is this a matter of calibration on the ST7002?
Please advise.

RE: St7002 -SPX30 and c125 MFD - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-02-16 02:39 PM

Yes, the icon on the c125 Chart Page direction is what it is being hold by the heading of the autopilot. If the autopilot heading is incorrect the icon on the Chart Page will be incorrect. You will need to calibrate the autopilot heading to correct the icon on the Chart Page.