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New boat installation Help - Jazevedo - 04-29-16 07:55 PM

Dear Members,

I'm preparing my new boat and purchased a lot of equipments and I will try install all myself. I would like to gently ask if someone can check if my installation diagram is right. Please find the attachment?

I'm installing;

1 A98
1 Ray VHf
1 Ais 350
1 p70R
1 Quantum Radar with cable
1 Evolution Sensor EV2
2 ECI 100 with volvo cable
1 Seatalk Network

I need to connect 2 cables in EV2, 1 Spur cable, 1 Devicnet? Or only the spur cable to Seattle net?

the boat has 40 feet, and has 2 D6 EVC Volvo 370 newest model.

Anything wrong or suggestions? I need anything more?



RE: New boat installation Help - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-05-16 02:51 PM

Actually you will only need one ECI-100 and you will use the Volvo Engine Link cable (E70240), and connect directly to the Multilink Hub, if you don't have enough ports on the hub you would need the Engine Y Loom cable (E70241), you would disconnect one of the cables and Y the two cables in.

As for the diagram, other than the extra Seatalk NG backbone T and ECI-100, to connect the second engine, only one ECI-100 required.

Lastly, what Ray VHF are you connecting to the Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter with yellow port, are you connecting to that for NMEA 0183? The a98 MFD does have NMEA 0183 on the power cable of the unit.

RE: New boat installation Help - Jazevedo - 05-07-16 08:06 PM

Thank You,

I already bought the other ECI 100. wast of money. About the CPT 200, I think I need the CP 200 once I already have the CPT 100 connected to A 98. The A98 have 2 Tranducers ports?



RE: New boat installation Help - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-09-16 08:39 AM

I'm sorry I re-checked the drawing and saw the CPT-100 for the a98's transducer input. Sorry I missed that.

That part is correct.