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[CA11] A98 Ship Icon refresh - BobHorn - 12-08-18 11:58 AM

The refresh of the direction of travel of the ship icon seems very slow. Makes it almost impossible to follow a course unless there is a visual reference to steer towards. It seems on the C120 and E120 we had in the past it was much faster. Is there a way to speed it up or is the A series just that much slower?

RE: [CA11] A98 Ship Icon refresh - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-10-18 03:01 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

The plotted position of the vessel icon within a MFD running LightHouse II software is updated at 1Hz, as it was with all previous generations of Raymarine chartplotting products which preceded it. As indicated within the FAQ found here, when operating at maneuvering speeds, system performance with respect to orientation of the vessel icon may be improved by interfacing the MFD to a source of heading data.