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[CA11] MFD showing wrong Product ID - Seabiscuit - 12-12-18 08:14 AM

If have recently installed a new set of Raymarine electronics however, when testing the depth transducer (P319) before cutting any holes, it cannot be found by my eS127 MFD. I have successfully installed the new release 19 software to all the units however, my MFD appears to think it is an eS128, As the product ID shows E70285, description eS128, yet the serial number appears right starting with E70284. How do I correct this and could this mismatch be the reason for the depth transducer not working.

RE: [CA11] MFD showing wrong Product ID - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-12-18 04:41 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Seabiscuit,

A product ID label is attached to the bottom edge of the MFD's frame. Please take a photo of this label and attach it to a response to this thread. Alternatively, please take a photo of the product serial number labels packaged with the MFD and attach it to a response to this thread.

RE: [CA11] MFD showing wrong Product ID - Seabiscuit - 12-18-18 12:23 PM

Hi Chuck,
When first checking the s/n I found a sticker applied over the original s/n, suspecting something suspicious I peeled of this label and attached it next to the original. They both have the same s/n details except the P/N includes an "x". Could this be a reconditioned unit? Sad if it is, as it was sold to me as new.
Also the s/n of the supplied box bears no similarity to this MFD s/n.
Pictures attached

RE: [CA11] MFD showing wrong Product ID - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-18-18 02:52 PM


Remanufactured products typically feature a "R" suffix appended to the product's ID. Product Spares typically feature a "X" suffix added to the product's ID. Spares are products which may be new or remanufactured and are shipped without any of the standard accessories normally packaged with a product. In the case of an eS127 MFD, it would be the MFD alone (i.e. no power cable, mounting bracket, bezel/trim, sun cover, key mat, documentation pack, would be included within the package). Spares are typically shipped to dealers having an immediate need for a replacement product, but no need of the other items typically packaged with the product. Based upon the information which you have provided and that we have been able to look up, this product appears to be remanufactured. I would recommend that it be returned to the Raymarine dealer from whom it was purchased for replacement. Alternatively, the nearest Raymarine Office to your location or the UK Product Support Team at our UK office may be contacted for instructions to seek repair/replacement of the MFD.