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Wind display memory - SvAndante - 04-30-16 03:46 PM

Like many of you, my (ST 50+) wind display works fine until turned off. Then it forgets which way is up, or actually forward, requiring directional recalibration each time it is re-energized. Has anyone established whether there is an internal battery for this memory function. Certainly appears likely since if it has been operating several hours, turn off for a few minutes, up to about 30, sometimes it 'remembers'.

RE: Wind display memory - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-04-16 07:43 AM

Memory is saved as a component on the main pcb. The display does not contain a memory battery. Unfortunately no schematic information is available, and the display is no longer available. I would have to suggest to search aftermarket channels like Ebay, Craigslist, and Marine Classifieds for a suitable replacement.

The only upgrade path would be to change out the display and masthead to a current Wind System, the masthead for the ST50+ is not compatible with the current wind displays.