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[LW11] Axiom 7 and grib - Stefan - 01-07-19 01:33 PM

I have Axiom 7 and tried to use the same grib files that I have on my PC and on my tablet.
I copied files on my SD-card, but it was not possible to see these files "My data"-->"Files"--> "SD card 1", but my grib files was invissible.
Its stated that GRIB View Weather App works with any grib 1 file is it so or is it only possible with Theyr?

RE: [LW11] Axiom 7 and grib - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-09-19 10:11 AM

Dear Stefan,

Thank you for your query.

Please send me your email address privately.

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] Axiom 7 and grib - Stefan - 01-09-19 01:59 PM

I have sent my e-mail via a PM